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Adult Students

About Us

Aspen Preparatory is a tutoring centre that is committed to helping students achieve academic excellence, and pave their way to the top universities in North America

Our approach includes - individualized attention, challenging students with thinking style questions, and enabling students to prepare for exams. 

As a Tutoring Centre we rely on technology, our experienced faculty and a personalized learning regimen to help students in building strong conceptual foundation in STEM subjects.

We differentiate ourselves through our Unique Approach, Small Student-Teacher ratio and Highly Qualified Faculty. 

We live by our motto: INTEGRITY - VISION - IMPACT

A Unique Approach

Targeted-instructions and continuous-improvement are at the heart of the teaching approach at Aspen.

Adaptive Learning technologies are leveraged, to ensure that there is continuous assessment of what areas the student needs help, based on which the faculty devices a tailored approach to working with the student to improve in those areas.

Our in-class sessions are followed by DIY sessions where the students participate in online exercises on the same topic. Based on their performance the faculty identifies areas of improvement and draws a personalized improvement plan, which is a mix of additional direct instructions / explanations by the faculty and online learning resources accessible to the student through their own account.

This real-time assessment and personalized problem solving approach ensures that the students fully understand the concepts already covered and are ready for the next sessions – confident, curious & engaged.

Technology at School
Unique Aproach

Small Class Sizes

At Aspen Preparatory, the class sizes are small.

We keep our class sizes small to provide our students an enriching, personalized and engaging learning environment. Small student-teacher ratio ensures the students receive more one-on-one attention, allows the faculty to tailor the instructions to students’ learning styles and fosters more participatory and engaging  class discussions. Our classes are learning communities where students have a voice in shaping their learning experience through participation and close collaboration with faculty in designing their learning path. 

Small Class Sizes

Experienced Faculty

Our faculty members are passionate about helping students maximize their potential. Aspen’s faculty is the backbone of the school, differentiating themselves with impeccable knowledge, unrivalled ability to make content engaging, and a focus on every students’ success.

Highly Qualified Faculty
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