Aspen Technology Grant


Terms & Conditions

  1. Available to students of Aspen Preparatory Academy Only

  2. Students can only avail this offer once - repeats are not allowed

  3. Approved Technologies that will be reimbursed:

    • ​A touch-screen tablet/ laptop that’s capable of supporting Google Chrome, Google Play and a stylus

    • A Stylus that is compatible with your Tablet

    • Suitable Headphones compatible with your tablet

    • Protection plan that covers you against accidental damage of the Tablet ​

  4. Fees for the month are due in advance, and must be paid on the 1st of every month​

  5. New students looking to take advantage of this grant, must call in to register first. The first-month fee is due at the time of registration. The fee rebates will start from the month after the receipts have been emailed to the school.

  6. The receipt of purchase must be recent, and a scanned copy must be emailed to the school with details such as Student's name, Parent's name, and Grade.

  7. The cost of purchase will be reimbursed through equal monthly fee discounts over the next 6 months 

  8. This offer can not be combined with any other offer

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