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Ontario High-School Credits

Need more personalized attention on those few courses, in order to improve your admission chances at the top-universities? We are specifically here to help with that. With our small class size, use of advanced learning technologies and highly qualified teachers, you can be assured of an enriching learning experience.

OHS Credits

Tutoring Programs

We believe in reinforcing the learning by doing. As part of our tutoring program, your tutor will go over the concepts in a lecture/ demonstration format, and then have the students do some questions online, using the adaptive learning technologies of our education partners. Your tutors will help you along if you are stuck. Once you are comfortable, they will assign you questions from the same sections as homework to make sure that last wrinkle in the conceptual fabric has been ironed out.


The key to learning at Aspen is our focus on building a solid foundation, so that you are ready to assimilate more advanced topics easily. So, yes, we will help you solve those difficult problems from your school, but more importantly, we will build your skills so that you are able to solve even harder problems on your own. Cool, right?

Teacher and Young Student
Outdoor Study Group

Summer Program

Looking for a head start into the next year?  Or, looking to spend summers building your language and  Problem Solving Skills? Stay Tuned for Update on our Summer Programs.

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